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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”

Marcus Garvey


The History curriculum at Honeywell Infant School aims to provide all children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need in order to:


  • understand their own lives and the lives of others over time
  • understand their own lives and learn about a diverse range of other people’s lives over time
  • be curious about the past and present and ask questions
  • understand both Britain’s past and the past of the wider world
  • use methods of historical enquiry e.g., weighing evidence, sifting arguments

History Curriculum Map

Areas of Study

These areas of study are explored, revisited and built upon in each year group. 

History Gallery


As a result of our teaching, the vast majority of children achieve age related expectations in History, with a significant proportion working above age related expectations. 


Here are some of the things the children said about History at Honeywell:


Year One Child: "It was interesting learning about the houses around us. We went on a walk and looked at the houses and when they were built. Some of the houses were very old and some were quite new. When we got back to school we put the house on a timeline. I found out when my house was built!"


Year One Child: "It was cool learning about toys from the past. We got to play with real toys from a very long time ago.  We then went to a toy workshop and I made my very own toy!" 


Year One Child: "I like History and I always try my best."


Year Two Child: "History is really interesting because we get to see cool stuff that happened in the past and we learn about amazing people. I loved learning about Walter Tull because I love football!"


Year Two Child: "It's interesting looking at the difference between the past and now. I loved learning about the trenches and how people lived during WWI -  like rationing. Our lives are so different now and much better than how they lived."


Year Two Child: "I am proud of all of my work in History. Sometimes when I get home after school I go on websites to learn more about History."